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Purpose of storing personal and business information

Employees of the Education Center handle all data that you provide to the Education Center in a confidential manner.
The Education Center registers your information for the completion of a transaction, the administrative processing of such transactions and any operational activities (such as preparing attendance lists and the use of blackboard).

The Education Center has taken the necessary measures to improve the physical, technical and organizational security of your information.

The Education Center will store your information for the indicated purposes for a maximum period of 2 months. The Education Center may only store the information for a longer period in case of circumstances that give reason to do so.

Provision of information within UMC Utrecht

The Education Center will only provide your information to employees who, on the basis of their position, should have access to this information and if this is in accordance with the purpose of the registration thereof.

Right of inspection and right to change
If you have filled in personal details on a form on the site, you may always view them or have them removed, corrected or supplemented by contacting the Education Center at: UMC Utrecht, Attn. Bedrijfsbureau Education Center, huispost HB.4.75, Postbus 85500, 3508 GA Utrecht,

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