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Terms & Conditions

Information on UMC Utrecht

  1. 1.    The University Medical Center Utrecht (UMC Utrecht), a legal entity under public law within the meaning of the WHW (Higher Education and Research Act), has its registered office at Heidelberglaan 100, 3584 CX Utrecht, Commercial Register number 000023527250.
  2. 2.    For questions and information about the provision of services by UMC Utrecht, please contact us via the contact details provided in the description of each product/event.

Applicability and clarification of general terms and conditions

  1. 3.    These general terms and conditions of UMC Utrecht apply to all legal relationships with you in connection with the provision of services by UMC Utrecht to you as sold via this webshop.
  2. 4.    In case of any conflict between the Dutch and English version of these general terms and conditions, the Dutch version is binding.
  3. 5.    The applicability of Section 6:227b (1) of the Dutch Civil Code, which pertains to the provision of information in e-commerce transactions, and of Section 6:227c of the Dutch Civil Code, which pertains to the manner in which e-commerce transactions are concluded, is hereby expressly excluded if you act in the course of a profession or business.
  4. 6.    The legal relationships to which these general terms and conditions apply are governed by and interpreted according to Dutch law. Disputes will in the first instance be settled exclusively by the Midden-Nederland District Court, Utrecht location.

Content of the agreement

  1. 7.    UMC Utrecht organises activities such as conferences, courses and meetings, and arranges the related venues, logistics and timetables. UMC Utrecht may engage third parties for this. In that case UMC Utrecht is not liable for the actions or omissions of those third party/parties. For the actual content of these activities, UMC Utrecht engages third parties with knowledge and experience of the activity’s theme. They have a responsibility of their own for the content of their contribution.
  2. 8.    UMC Utrecht warrants that the activity for which you have registered conforms to the agreement; that is to say, UMC Utrecht warrants that the activity will take place in accordance with the indicated timetable and that the content fits in with the indicated theme.
  3. 9.    The activity takes place in the language specified in the product description.

Conclusion, filing and term of the agreement

  1. 10.    You can register for a UMC Utrecht activity using the UMC Utrecht web shop. If indicated on the website of UMC Utrecht or in an information leaflet of a specific activity, you can also send a completed registration form to Julius Academy by post.
  2. 11.    Depending on the language of the activity, you can choose between a registration form in Dutch or in English.
  3. 12.    After UMC Utrecht has received your registration (electronically or by post), you will receive a written confirmation from UMC Utrecht. ‘Written’ also includes by email.
  4. 13.    Your registration is final once UMC Utrecht has received your payment.
  5. 14.   UMC Utrecht saves the confirmation of your registration until the time at which the activity for which you have registered has ended and UMC Utrecht has received your full payment. You may request a copy of your confirmation.
  6. 15.    The agreement ends after the activity for which you have registered has ended or, if later, after your payment has been received.


  1. 16.    You can pay prior to your registration by means of iDEAL and credit card. In exceptional cases you may receive an invoice from UMC Utrecht. However, this is not possible in the web shop, but only through direct contact with UMC Utrecht.
  2. 17.    Payment for any invoice you receive is due within 30 days or within any different term specified on the invoice.


  1. 18.    You can cancel your registration in correspondence with the terms as indicated in each product/event description.
  2. 19.    UMC Utrecht may cancel an activity in case of force majeure.

Insurance and liability

  1. 20.    UMC Utrecht is not liable for any travel and subsistence expenses already incurred by you in case an activity is cancelled by you or by UMC Utrecht. We recommend that you take out cancellation insurance for this.
  2. 21.    UMC Utrecht is not liable for loss or theft of your property or for any medical expenses incurred by you. We recommend that you take out health and travel insurance yourself.
  3. 22.    UMC Utrecht has professional liability insurance. You can request the most recent details from UMC Utrecht.
  4. 23.    The total liability of UMC Utrecht for a specific claim is restricted to the amount that is paid for it under the liability insurance, plus the insurance policy excess. Julius Academy is not liable for indirect loss and consequential loss (including loss of profits, loss of turnover, lost savings and loss of goodwill) and for claims in the United States and Canada.
  5. 24.    You agree irrevocably that UMC Utrecht has engaged, and may engage, third parties at its own or at your expense and in its own name or in your name to deliver products and services subject to the conditions of such third party. If you hold UMC Utrecht liable for actions or omissions of a third party, UMC Utrecht may (at its own discretion): (i) invoke its own defences against you and/or (ii) invoke the defences that the third party invokes or might invoke against UMC Utrecht or you.
  6. 25.    Electronic communication is not secure and can be intercepted, manipulated, infected, slowed down or misdirected, by viruses and spam filters, for example. UMC Utrecht is neither responsible nor liable for any loss or damage arising from such a circumstance.
  7. 26.    Your claims for compensation become time-barred two months after you have become aware of the loss or damage in question and UMC Utrecht as a liable person, unless they lapse or become time-barred sooner under applicable law.


  1. 27.    Complaints about the provision of services by UMC Utrecht can be addressed using the contact details as provided in the product/event description.
  2. 28.    UMC Utrecht will respond to any complaints as soon as possible and will make every effort to reach a satisfactory solution.

UMC Utrecht, 18 September 2017.